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Hatice Tromp

I am a Turkish home cook. I have been sharing my Turkish Food Recipes since 2006. First on a blog in Dutch. Then I started to share translations on my English and Turkish Food blogs. In 2021 I started publishing regularly on YouTube. It is my intention to share the richness of the Turkish cuisine with as many people around the world as I can.

My Food Videos

I post weekly Food Videos on my YouTube channel.

These videos are both intended to be inspirational and instructional. They should give you ideas on what is possible cooking everyday meals or cooking for special occasions.

The videos are all visual. There are no spoken instructions. Below every video I provide links to the blog posts with the recipe.

The videos are also embedded in the blog post. Together with these written instructions you will be able to make some wonderful food.

My Food Blogs

Nederlandse Food Blog

Hier vind je al mijn recepten van Lekker Turks eten in het Nederlands.

English Food Blog

On this blog you will find all my Turkish food recipes in English.

Turkish flag

Türkçe Yemek Blog

Burada tüm tariflerimi bulacaksınız.

My Recipe eBooks

Lekker Turks Eten - E-book


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